Nothence videos ordered by release date descending.


Released 2018-12-01

This video is dedicated to my friend Coen Flach

Cinematography and editing by Fabio Scagliola

Remember to live

Released 2016-09-01

Starring Matteo Scagliola

Cinematography and editing by Fabio Scagliola

Nihil durare potest tempore perpetuo

Released 2016-08-05

Cinematography and editing by Fabio Scagliola

Mirror (lyrics video)

Released 2014-01-23

Design and development by Fabio Scagliola

It hurts

Released 2013-11-04

Directed, produced, and written by Fabio Scagliola

Starring Laura Bernasconi, Fabio Scagliola, Pietro Micheletti, Massimo Scagliola, Giorgio Marcolungo

Cinematography by Paolo Brentegani

Editing by Paolo Brentegani and Fabio Scagliola


Released 2012-11-23

Directed by Luca Adami, Lucas Frame

Produced by Fabio Scagliola

Written by Fabio Scagliola and Luca Adami

Starring Lara Macchiella, Fabio Scagliola, Pietro Micheletti, Nicola Dal Corso, Giorgio Marcolungo

Cinematography by Luca Adami, Guido Frigo, and Roberto Tavella

Editing by Luca Adami

Makeup by Alessandra Dapretto


Fabio Scagliola,