Through the ash
That my clear eyes
Obfuscate and conceal

You alone
Could enthuse
The elf of future worlds

Beyond the infinite
Nouns and their opposites
In which we have declined

Behind the distant
In which we’ve transfigured

We strive to hide the love that remains
I know, you know
Though years have passed
Still sometimes nothing signifies without you

Sparks at first touch
Fire blows up
Burns us down ’til consumed

Being attracted
Then repelled
Nearness annihilates

Ash and mud
Hazy shards
My best friend your fallback

Hope bled out
I beg you let me go

We had to learn to live apart
We know, he knows
Charming bud of summer morning blossomed
When your blond angel perched on your lap


Fabio Scagliola,