Consumerism foundation
Capitalism in control
Hollow hypocrisy

You spend your days in self-exile
Locked in your self-forged golden cage
At times it feels
More like rusty cocoon

Loner, not misanthropist
Years spent as a recluse
Lack of communication
Die from social starvation

You need to be a part of it
If you want to survive
Obey the rules to some extent
To reintegrate yourself
You’ll never fully conform
But you have to come to terms
Any achievement of yours is
Only real when it’s shared

Wake up in your life’s changing room
Buried by piles of dismissed clothes
You can’t remember
What you look like when you’re naked

When you have nothing left to lose
Can tear away the clothes your wear
To play your role
In this life’s fucking lie


Fabio Scagliola,