Lighthouse, out in the darkness
Bearer of delightful gifts
Loner not meant to meet
Supposed to see not one other light

Makers spread them away
Preventing them from crossing their beams
If ever rays should reflect
Would become aware of each other’s existence

Terrified at first
Have never seen a light
Before their own
What they were kept away from is here
Inspire each other
Project away their fear
Mutually urge
Creative escalation

Lighthouses, sooner or later
Sadly resign to seclusion
Emanate for no one else
Eventually they turn off their light

Earthquake, displacing plates
Floating over the tide
Bump into each other
Meet and can barely believe their own senses

Their engraved reflections
Holograms of their love
Becoming one
Makers who could create themselves
Their chains now broken
Shadow away diseases
When lighthouses meet
The gods themselves contend in vain


Fabio Scagliola,