In my twisted inner city
Till the darkness’ eyes are shut, I see
I don’t want to spend much time aware, for I could feel
All the vacuousness surrounding me
Swallowed up, where everything connects
Stuff myself within to compensate
Hear your footsteps getting closer in the corridor
Play my music louder over it

Identities conflict
My altered memories
Dissociate myself from me
Disorder rises
Pulses to escape

I don’t want to run away
Please don’t let this be again
Take my hand and make me stay
Tell me it’s going to be ok

Still remember how it burst
Now I freeze when you get close to me
I’m too scared to take a deeper dive into myself
Where nothing is forever anymore
Stiffening time by jerking it is vain
You cry away your makeup, red-eyed cloud
When your perfume burns like flashes knocking on my door
I pretend I’m playing too loud to hear


The term “fugue” indicates a compositional technique, as well as a psychiatric disorder causing an altered perception of reality; this song tells the story of a man who dissociates himself to escape into a protective dimension where he can be safe from the dangers of real life.


Fabio Scagliola,