Son to father

Sorry I’ve missed your call before
And then I haven’t called you back
I knew you would have called again

Don’t worry: everything’s alright
I wasn’t doing anything
Just seeing people, doing stuff

Of course I’ve been at school today
I would have told you, otherwise
Why do you keep on asking me?

I talked to grandpa the other night
He told me everything about what
You were like when you were my age

I got my dark side just like you: I’m your son

I’ve always trusted you
You’ve always been there for me
It’s your time to trust me now
I don’t want to disappoint you

Yes, dad, I know you love me
And you know I’ll always love you
But I’ve got my life to live now
Please, let me go

You always did the best you could
You always gave me all you had
You were my hero, as a kid

You’re not the tallest anymore
You taught me everything you know, now
Please let me make my own mistakes

The seed you planted long ago
Is growing branches around me
You’re always here, protecting me

I’ve never heard you blame grandpa
For anything that could go wrong
I won’t blame you for my mistakes

I learned your strength — which makes you proud
Don’t you worry about your ghosts
I’ll deal with them just like you: I’m your son


Fabio Scagliola,