Remember to live

Do not run, otherwise you will sweat
Wait at least one more hour ‘fore taking a bath
I was wearing a condom, but we might have touched
This may be sign of a tumor

The ghost of diarrhea’s always haunting me
I could get stuck in a traffic jam
Should you need it, a toilet must always be near
– I must not run out of my drops

No way

I wish I could free my mind from all these worries for once at least before I die
I wish I forgot all my fears and remember to live

Hey, dad, do you recall when you used to go out?
What if I were allergic to what I just ate?
In a week I’ll freak out to get on that plane
No one ever will listen to this

When we left, did you notice if I locked the door?
He’s not picking up; something may be wrong with him
Flashing lights may trigger epilepsy
– I must not run out of my drops


Fabio Scagliola,