Father to son

Just gone to bed, I’ve been studying till late
My alarm going off in a handful of hours
Not asleep yet when I hear the call of my fate
The one sound that can trigger a father’s superpowers

I wrap up your micro-bottom in a clean nappy
You fit my forearm, the mouth of a young cuckoo
Cling to the baby bottle and drink till you’re happy
Hiccup, smile, kiss goodnight, my arms around you

I had you in one hand and a book in the other
I had all I needed to walk into the future
Though I did not assess the cost of being a father
I did not expect it would cause any rupture

I might have lost some pieces along the way
And there have been some times when I had no clue
But It looks like in the end I just had to wait
What I was, am, and will be, I owe it to you

You may say I just did what had to be done
You may say in my shoes you would have done the same
Wandering aimlessly, while I could have potentially run
If I hadn’t got you, It would have been a shame

Twenty-three years do not give you a lot of insight
Stay? Go? Left? Right? Fate? Do you think I knew?
The will to endure had been taught to me right
Not a goal to pursue — that I owe to you

Be aware of your potential, don’t be lame
The strength to achieve lies asleep in your chest
Deep inside you can always find the thrust to aim
For the best, the zest; don’t jest, don’t rest

You’re to be the one on which you place your bet
Do not waste your life to some worthless foo
All these things I’ve done with no regret
If there’s ever been a reason, the reason was you


Fabio Scagliola,