Who am I?

Who am I to bear the load they want to share with me?!
Have I ever wished to be the perfect listener?!
She may not be productive, but she knows how to shake her ass
They both leave early and come late - nobody’s blind inhere

He’s too hungry after years of role-playing frustration and
He cannot see the look upon the faces of his family and his friends
He gave her the job and now he promises she’ll have his heart one day
Maybe she’s in love… until the day she’ll realize
And then guess what…
Don’t look at me!
Shut your mouth and close your eyes

As I earn their confidence I put his role at risk
Should I care about the balance and cut all the rumors down?!
Repellently attractive - something about her
Am I really going to help him or somehow I envy him?!

He got blinded by a candle in the dark room of responsibilities
Who am I to open up his eyes and help him see the truth?!
From the moment he denied, I realized he’d never be a friend
Threatened by his mirror image, turned his men into his slaves
And then guess what…
Don’t dare to look at me!
Shut your mouth and close your eyes


Despite the title, this song is one of the least introspective: it actually tells a story of people interacting at the mercy of frustration, lust for power, and will of self-affirmation upon others.


Fabio Scagliola,