Hand in hand

Dreamt a non-molded being
In the darkest emptiness
A fetus of pale white
Emitting light of consciousness
Approaching, the creature grows
Evolving into a man
Unfinished albino
His face’s got no identity

Beings invoked by a god
Too afraid to grow old
Feel inadequate to
Walk with him hand in hand

Here and now, he can bend
Space and time to his will
As he drinks from the chalice
Individuals become one
Hair falls out of his body
Covered by primordial ooze
Those who respond to the call
Give up reality

They leave their ego behind
Not afraid to become
What they were meant to be
Now they walk hand in hand


An allegorical story, a dream of evolution, about reclaiming our true essence by dropping the habits we wear, held back by our fears.


Fabio Scagliola,