I hope I’ll learn the rules before it’s too late
I will hold my position evolving by not moving
You’ll find me here, lying on the floor when you come knocking
On my door; I don’t want you by my side
I’d rather be alone

Keep on looking ahead
I will not change my mind
I will keep on staring at the sun
Until I go blind
I won’t change direction

Desperation made me hang on to you
You and many other unlikely handholds until I learned
It hurts even more, when you’re hanging from a ledge collapsing and
You fall with it; I rely on my strengths only
I learned to be alone


Few people are willing to make the deliberate choice of living life alone, refusing to share it with someone, declining to be part of a relationship, remaining in sole company of their true self; this is a challenge that most people are frightened to face.


Fabio Scagliola,