Public static void


Nothence announces that their second studio album Public static void will be released on March 21, 2014 in this behind-the-scenes video including an interview with Fabio Scagliola

Below is the transcript of the interview

«If you think of music as the soundtrack of your life, then I guess that making music is a sort of an attempt to gain control of your life by writing your own soundtrack»

«The name "nothence" conceals my initial purpose: it should have been "the nonce", which in cryptography indicates a number used only once, as I was going to release a one-time production. I remember I was typing "thenonce" in one word to create an email address and, unintentionally, I moved the cursor or something, and that's how "nothence" was born»

«The second album is probably going to be a little lighter to listen to. My personal catharsis was accomplished through the production of "Portrayed by a blind painter". Compared to the first album, in terms of subject matter, the scope will gradually widen from the inside to the outside, from the individual to his community, society»

«Still it will definitely not be music written to be sold, if you know what I mean»