Floating on the sea of unconscious 
Hold your breath and look down to the bottom 
Like a cracked and leaking wall of sound 

Streams are flowing through the chasms, split the surface into plates 
Take a bottle drink it down, wish you emanated less 
Void and dissonant vibrations 

Dive deep enough to reach the streams 
Flowing out of inner chasms 
Draw and drink it from the source and 
Your aura vibrates in unison 

The sensitive may dare, the sufferer was there 
You have nothing left to lose, you have nothing left to fear 
Face the darkest chasms, drink from the stream 

Light's pulsating in the core, blinded by surrounding dark 
You are held back by the fear of obscurity 
Tied hands are striving for the source 

Leave the empty bottle floating 
A muse is chanting your way 
Share your wondering with the wanderer and 
Feel auras vibrate in unison